“Nueva York: The Spanish-speaking Community Responds” (2007)

Facing Fascism:  New York and the Spanish Civil War.  (New York:  NYU Press/ Museum of the City of New York, 2007) pp. 84-91.

“The involvement of Hispanic New Yorkers in the Spanish Civil War is a rather neglected topic.  Though Hispanic surnames are prominent on the list of volunteers in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (perhaps as many as 10%), surprisingly little is know about this group; we know more about the motives and activities of Jewish or African-American brigadistas, for example.  Who were the Spanish-speaking and Spanish-reading New Yorkers in the late 1930s?  How did they perceive and react to, events in Spain?  How did the war in Spain –and more broadly, the antifascist movement– affect and even shape Spanish-language communities in the city?…

Read the rest of  “Nueva York: The Spanish-speaking Community Responds”

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